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My first trip to a data center was completely unplanned. I was hell bent on my latest business plan for developing a beautiful portfolio of Dunkin’ Donuts and 7 Eleven gas stations throughout Northern VA. I was pitching a small group of investors, when someone suggested that one of my proposed donut locations might be better suited for a data center. “A data center?” I asked myself, “what the heck is a data center?”

A few days later I stepped inside an unassuming industrial building and watched awestruck as a thriving high-tech, high-security world filled with humming equipment and blinking lights unfolded in front of me. I knew it was the future. My mind immediately went from donuts to data centers. I never looked back.

Since that day in 2006, I feel fortunate to have played a material role in over $1B in data center transactions and to have witnessed myriad technologies and innovative business models emerge and gain acceptance. I’m also fortunate to have found a home amongst the community of dedicated infrastructure and IT professionals who share my passion for this young industry.

A year ago I asked myself: why doesn’t this community of IT professionals have access to more unbiased, community-driven expertise? Why can’t we empower everyone with the same real-time data and tools that hyperscale technology companies are using for their own analysis and procurement? Why are a majority  of IT migration initiatives terminated before they get off the ground?

Unless they are part of a dedicated engineering or procurement team at a large-scale company, most IT professionals today have restricted access to at least one of the following components, all of which are necessary to have full confidence in deploying and optimizing IT infrastructure: expertise, data and tools.

This is why UpStack was founded. Current procurement models are broken. We want to obliterate the opacity and friction in the hybrid IT sector. And we want to shed light on the true costs of various IT solutions. Most of all, we want companies of all sizes to be able to leverage a caliber of tools, data, and expertise that is currently only available to the hyperscalers.

Today we’re proud to announce the invite-only beta launch of the UpStack Procurement Platform, an integrated suite of tools that empower businesses with actionable data and analytics to drive faster and smarter IT deployments. We simplify IT assessments with predictive analytics and proprietary algorithms that collapse disparate pricing models into one simple standard across our exclusive and global network of colocation, IT, cloud, and network service providers.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a project and request pricing: IT pros can collaborate with their teammates to create unique project requirements
  2. Get prices, compare solutions: leverage enterprise-grade analytics to compare colocation and network solutions.
  3. Select vendors: filter and shortlist colocation and network companies that meet requirements.
  4. Meet vendors and transact: Contact vendors, tour shortlisted data centers, and request best and final pricing.

In a matter of minutes, IT pros can have multiple colocation and network vendors bidding on their business. Then the real fun starts, with unrivaled analytical tools to help select the optimal colocation and network mix.

This is just the beginning. In the near future we’ll be opening up our beta so that all who would like to participate can gain access to procurement tools at the foundational layer of IT infrastructure services: colocation and network services. Over the coming months we will be integrating more tools “up-the-stack” to enable the evaluation of solutions up, down and across the entire IT stack apples-to-apples.

I’m thrilled at what our team has built, and hope that UpStack makes you more productive, your team more confident, and your company more competitive.




Chris Trapp

Founder & CEO

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