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Compare Data Center Costs

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Platform Advantages

  • Vetted

    Compare Multiple Colocation Vendors In A Single Platform

    Effortlessly compare the costs of colocation and network services that span the globe with tools previously available only to hyperscale companies.

  • Easily Find Vendors Across The Globe

    The Fastest Way To Find Global Solutions

    Decrease research from months to minutes with the only global platform of colocation and network solutions.

  • Tools To Help Make Your Business More Competitive Through IT Procurement

    Unrivaled Competitive Bidding

    UpStack creates a competitive process where colocation and network service providers to bid on your business

  • Ecosystem Of Colocation, Network, Cloud, And Strategic Advisors

    Certified Advisory Partners

    UpStack partners with and certifies leading IT infrastructure consultants to help advise your business

  • Compare Colocation + Network Costs

    The Only Platform For Comparing Data Center Pricing & Specs

    Network and colocation costs can vary dramatically from one data center to another, and the time required to aggregate proposals and extract these costs can be crippling.

    UpStack enables you to compare pricing from dozens of colocation companies and network service providers available from those data centers.

  • 5 Easy Steps

    Build Your Colocation And Network RFQ With An Easy-To-Use Tool

    A Step By Step Guide For Creating Data Center  Project Requirements

    Whether you need a single rack unit or many megawatts, UpStack is designed to work for companies and teams of all sizes and levels of expertise. The platform is designed to guide you through every step of the Colocation and Network procurement process, eliminating complexity and reducing human error.

  • Eliminate Price Confusion

    Standardized Pricing Lets You Compare Solutions Apples-To-Apples

    Remove The Guesswork In Colocation & Network Contracts.

    Comparing pricing and contract terms across multiple colocation vendors is a major challenge for even the most sophisticated IT and engineering teams and unexpected additional costs can be a major headache.

    UpStack normalizes pricing across all its partner vendors to ensure that each colocation and network solution is a true apples-to-apples comparison.

  • Connect With Hybrid Cloud Partners

    Easily Explore Any Data Center's Ecosystem Of Service Providers

    Reach Customers, Partners & Service Providers Within Data Center Ecosystems.

    Colocation solutions have evolved from static data center facilities to dynamic interconnected ecosystems of network, cloud, content, and financial service providers that are just an interconnection away.

    UpStack is the first global platform that enables your business to identify and connect with service providers, customers, and partners to enhance your IT infrastructure and make your business more competitive.

  • Multi-Location For Edge Deployments

    Find Colocation And Network Vendors In Multiple Locations

    Easily Evaluate Multiple Data Center Locations

    Never before have globally distributed workloads and computing requirements at the edge of networks been more important.

    Whether you need dozens of network nodes around the globe or are evaluating multiple locations for a single IT requirement, UpStack can get you the right data in the right locations in a matter of minutes.


  • Validated Data Center Specifications

    Detailed Specifications And Verification Of Data Center Infrastructure

    Contract With Confidence.

    Aggregate and evaluate physical specs that you can trust.

    UpStack partner data centers go through a strict verification process to verify that what you see is truly what you get.

  • Guided Tutorials & Advisory Services 24/7

    Guided Request For Quote Tools Mean Won't Miss Any Key Details

    Guided Tutorials & Unrivaled Expertise.

    Whether you’re a sophisticated buyer that has procured thousands of racks or are buying colocation for the first time, UpStack is designed to help you procure with confidence every step of the way.


  • 1 Create a colocation project

    Collaborate with clients, brokers, and your team to create your project requirements.

  • 2 Get prices, compare solutions

    When vendors compete, you win! Remove the guesswork in comparing pricing and specs.

  • 3 Select vendors and request bids

    Filter and shortlist colocation and network companies that meet your requirements.

  • 4 Meet vendors and choose a solution

    Contact vendors, tour shortlisted data centers, and select solutions with confidence.

About UpStack

The Market Leader In Colocation and Network Procurement

Our mission is to create the new standard in hybrid IT procurement, aimed at empowering IT professionals and their consultants across the globe with data and tools historically only available to large, hyperscale companies. We believe that opacity in the colocation and hybrid IT sectors have for too long resulted in overly complex and often misleading processes. UpStack aims to minimize the friction and expense while optimizing our customers' infrastructure mix.

Our Customers

  • Managing Director, Global Bank

    “We have had the most success in markets where we were able to create a very competitive environment where vendors competed for our colo business. In certain markets, it was pretty painful to create that environment. We did it, but it took a long time.”

  • VP Network Procurement, Global Cloud Storage Provider

    “For a company at our scale, we have an in-house team dedicated to procuring colocation and network services all over the world. Even though we are likely one of the most experienced on the planet, we still struggle with the amount of time spent aggregating data.”

  • VP, Network Acquisition Services, Global Software & Cloud Company

    “One of the biggest challenges our team has is not only identifying qualified colocation options in hundreds of locations across the globe, but extracting and level-setting the pricing across all of those vendors.”